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V4.4.0 Release

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Announcing new changes v4.4.0 releasing on July 10th!

Collection Whitelist for Wombat Dungeons

We have been working with the Wombat team and our collection is set to be whitelisted for Wombat Dungeons on July 10th!

Heal All Options

In order to reduce player time and to better manage an army of characters, we have implemented a new Heal All option to heal all characters using potions. Players will be able to fully heal all characters as well as heal characters to the highest health without using excess potions. This option will be available on the Characters page when released. Heal All

Major Unity Version Upgrade + Bug fixes

We have upgraded the Unity version to a higher major version to allow for faster and smoother performance as well as bug fixes and better mobile support.

More to come!

We are working hard on our other initiatives primarily focusing on the Artifact system with some quality of life updates along the way. As always, thank you for supporting us as we grow and evolve together. Happy Hunting!