Starter PAck

Need a character card?
Consider purchasing a Starter Pack to support development!
This pack contains 1x random NFT Character Card (Aurora, Elon, Faye, Garrick or Salazar) of random rarity.
**Drop Rates: **
Legendary (0.5%)
Epic (2%)
Rare (5%)
Uncommon (15%)
Common (77.5%)
Only $10/WAX!

Welcome to BlockchainRPG!

BlockchainRPG is a Digital Item Metaverse in the faraway lands of Aurum. Hunt monsters, gain resources, craft better tools, and compete against others. BlockchainRPG offers a fun play to earn style gameplay. Earn GOLD and rare NFTs while playing. Trade/Buy/Sell your in-game items with other players to assist each other in your adventures! Let your blockchain adventure begin!

Gear up and fight against monsters for resources and equipment. Beware, as monsters in newer regions are stronger than the previous.
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Collect and combine resources to craft equipment and items to help you become stronger!
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Break down weaker gear to receive Essences that can be used to craft stronger gear!
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