Good Evening Adventurers! We have finished the final rounds of rabbit stew testing and will release a new update on Thursday, June 8th! v4.3.0 Changes: Death Penalty: As some of you have suggested, we will be introducing a death penalty. When a character is defeated in battle, they will now gain a cooldown relative to your character's

Greetings Adventurers! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. We are very excited to announce a special holiday event. During this event, there will be opportunities to craft a limited number of Holiday Present 2022. These are NFT packs that contain an exclusive holiday sticker NFT. These stickers are fun collectibles

Hello Adventurers! We are excited to announce a revamp of our documentation. :) Our documentation before was severely lacking and spread over multiple different pages of the website. We have since switched to using gitbook to host our documentation so that players have all the information they need in a single repository. We

What is play and earn? I recently heard about Play and Earn during a podcast I was a part of. During that podcast, we discussed many topics which are where Play&Earn initially came up. The phrase “Play&Earn” struck a chord with me. Play & Earn is something I’ve been trying to do since the

Hello everyone! We are excited to share our new "Level up" system with you. When fighting monsters you will be granted XP based on the location you hunt. Swamplands current awards 5XP, whereas Forest currently offers 10XP. This XP will display in the top left under your health bar indicated in the picture

Hi everyone, we are excited to announce some new token changes that we have planned for the upcoming week! First and foremost, we won a namebid for "brpg" a while back, which means that we can create new accounts that end in ".brpg". (For example "stake.brpg") As part of a rebranding effort, we

We have recently made some important GOLD tokenomics changes in regards to the amount of GOLD rewarded from a hunt. Before this change, we were rewarding players a static amount of GOLD. This turned out to be quite detrimental to the price and stability of GOLD as the number of players increased. GOLD

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone has been enjoying our game as much as we have creating and developing it. As we approach the holiday season, the BlockchainRPG team and I would like to formally announce our very first IN-GAME EVENT and Winter Holiday 2021 Edition Pack Drop featuring our latest character card - Festive

Credit to @Effe#3764 on discord for the image :) Hey @everyone We have made a new change to limit the number of free heals you can use per day.We realize this may upset many of you but this is a very needed step in order to progress the game. You are now able to heal

Hey @everyone!HPPOT is now available on the Alcor Exchange!To start trading, go here: other Exchanges:GOLD/WAX:

Hey @everyone! It has been long overdue but we have finally upgraded our website design. We initially made the old website as a placeholder so that we could focus on feature updates but we finally made the change :)I think it gives the game a lot more personality and inviting.Old website: Old landing

New items drops have been added to the Forest hunting area. These new drops are BONE, PELT, RBTMEAT (Rabbit meat), IRNWOOD (Ironwood). They will be important crafting ingredients for more recipes later on. Changelog: Added damage taken to the Hunt HistoryAdded new Forest drops to mapNew crafting materials: BONE, PELT, RBTMEAT (Rabbit meat), IRNWOOD (Ironwood)Will

Thank you everyone and a special thank you to those who participated in the Thankful pack sale!The Thankful pack is now LOCKED with a Max mint of 653. We really appreciate the amazing outflow of love and support this community has provided and continues to provide daily.You all make us so proud to be

Hello, all!My name is Kaide (CouldntDeal), Co-Founder of BlockchainRPG I would like to thank everyone for your support within the discord. Now that we have a foundation game to play, we would like to continue our efforts and expand our progress. I would like to introduce BlockchainRPG Founders 1st Edition, Character Edition - Milo card