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Did you grow up playing video games? How many hours did you sink into it? How much effort did you expend to make your character the best it could be? Did you ever wish that the treasures your adventurer discovered could also be your own? Return to the classic role-playing game that we all enjoyed during our childhoods! Welcome to the land of Aurum, a rich world filled with lore, treasure, and adventure. You, a humble adventurer, have created a digital extension of yourself to aid in your adventure. With GOLD being the primary currency of this world, there are countless opportunities to make your fortune and live like royalty. Leverage our tokenized economy to purchase or even craft rare and legendary artifacts to strengthen your character. But as with the real world, resources are limited and it’s a first-come-first-serve competition to see who can reach the top of society. Help the local townsfolk, hunt for threatening monsters, and seek glory and treasure! You can choose your own adventure. Beware adventurer, as the Dark Energies continue to slowly engulf the world of Aurum, the monsters in new territories will only grow stronger. Be safe, and be prepared. All legends start somewhere… how will your tale begin?


BlockchainRPG is a hunting-based Role-Playing Game (RPG) decentralized metaverse built on the WAX blockchain. We want the adventurers to see their in-game adventurers as an extension of themselves. Adventurers can hunt in a variety of unique hunting grounds to find wealth in the form of our metaversal currency – GOLD (token symbol GOLD) and treasures such as materials for crafting or equipable items. Adventurers are able to then equip these items to increase their stats and hunt more efficiently, thus increasing their ability to progress through the game. These items are tied to a real-world market and therefore contain value to the adventurer base. Game mechanics and tokenomics have been created to cater towards the below objectives: Ever-expanding game to promote a fantastic experience Community interaction including but not limited to team effort and friendly competition Introduction to blockchain technology through recognizable gaming motifs


The team at BlockchainRPG is focused on delivering the highest level quality of gameplay to the adventurers, and below are just a few of the key points that we aspire to provide:

Fairness for all

The BlockchainRPG team is committed to fair gameplay for all levels of adventurers to ensure there is no extra advantage for any adventurer. We are actively cracking down on all cheating and hacking including, but not limited to, bots, automated software, multi-accounting and contract exploitation. In the event you are caught, you will risk permanent bans and account locks. Additionally, all packs and drop tables are identical for each adventurer.


As part of a blockchain, all adventurers will have the ability to see what transactions are being made and who is making them.

Expansive gameplay

With our primary focus on making a fun and interactive game, our development team is always working on a new feature or addition to BlockchainRPG to ensure that the adventurers are not without something to do.

Healthy marketplace

With multiple restrictions surrounding those with insider knowledge and an emphasis on gameplay over flipping/scalping, we are committed to creating a game that’s fun and captivating as opposed to a game solely meant to generate capital.