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The entirety of BlockchainRPG’s documentation, as well as the services, products and functionalities outlined are a constant work in progress and will be frequently updated. Pandora Tech LLC (Hereinafter known as "We" or "Our Company") reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part of Our Company to provide notification of such revision or change.

Our Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information outlined in this documentation and cannot be held liable for any claims or losses.

BlockchainRPG is built using cutting edge blockchain technology that may not work as intended. The full release of BlockchainRPG Web App including full smart contract and web programming functionality will be provided “as is”. By purchasing any BlockchainRPG’s assets and/or using any products offered by Our Company, you are agreeing to giving up your rights to press charges and hold Our Company liable for any claims or losses incurred.

Any information, material or knowledge shared within this documentation, on Discord, Twitch, or other social media streams, is not to be taken as financial advice. Investors are advised to do their own research and manage their risk effectively.

Any and all formulas or innovations presented are subject to change without warning. The utmost effort and care will be taken to ensure the accuracy and feasibility of any and all proposed concepts, however, revisions can and will take place to ensure the integrity of the project will not be compromised.

Please see the below links for additional resources detailing game and company policy:

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy