BlockchainRPG is a Digital Item Metaverse in the faraway lands of Aurum. Hunt monsters, gain resources, craft better tools, and compete against others. BlockchainRPG offers a fun play-to-earn style gameplay. Earn GOLD and rare NFTs while playing. Trade/Buy/Sell your in-game items with other players to assist each other in your adventures! Let your blockchain adventure begin!


If you need to create an account, please review our How to Get Started article. 


For additional information, please review the whitepaper


The main screen is what the adventurer will see upon starting up BlockchainRPG. Below is a list of the current options and icons on the main screen available to the adventurer.


Main Menu

  1. Player Title – Title granted to the player based on achievements or milestones in the game
  2. Wallet ID – The ID of the wallet holding your GOLD, crafting, and items
  3. Hit Points Bar – How much damage you can sustain before dying
  4. Current Map Location – Where you are at the current moment
  5. Total Adventurer GOLD – How much GOLD you have
  6. Settings – Change up the game to fit your needs
  7. Full Screen/Minimize – Makes the screen bigger or smaller
  8. Event Notice – When an event is active, a notice will appear here. Click on the notice for additional information
  9. Pack Sale Notice – When a pack sale is active, a notice will appear here. Click on the notice to be redirected to the pack sale
  10. Inventory – In-game space that displays all items and crafting materials owned by the adventurer, staked and unstaked items, and current equipment. You can also modify equipment slots here, also. Additional information can be found here: Inventory Navigation
  11. Crafting – Place to create items using crafting materials and GOLD. Additional information can be found here: How to Craft
  12. Hunt History – Displays hunt information from the last few hunts completed by the adventurer. Additional information can be found here: Hunt History
  13. Market – You can access real-world markets that revolve around the BlockchainRPG metaverse
  14. Map – For traveling to different locations and hunting. Additional information can be found here: Map and Hunting Guide
  15. Free Heal – Click to use a free heal. Additional information can be found here: How to Heal