Frequently Asked Questions


Simply create a WAX wallet from the Wax Cloud Wallet, Anchor,, or any of the other major WAX wallet providers.

Yes. While you can purchase NFT’s from the secondary market to get a faster start, there are no purchases necessary.

The service drop down options provide players in different locations to have easier access to the game. All server endpoint selection do the same thing. If one is giving you issues loading the game, try selecting a different server.

If you are getting an error for CPU or RAM issues when trying to complete actions, check your wallet address on to make sure you have enough WAX staked to your CPU and RAM to play BRPG. The more staked, the longer you can hunt.

Q4 2021 is when our game went live for Beta access. 

Yes, you can see our current whitepaper here:

Changes are made routinely so check back for updates periodically. 

Yes, the current status of the things we have completed and the things being worked on can be found here:

We are always looking to expand the team with talent. Submit a ticket on our player support system to see if there is something we can do together.