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V4.3.0 Release

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Good Evening Adventurers!

We have finished the final rounds of rabbit stew testing and will release a new update on Thursday, June 8th!

v4.3.0 Changes:

Death Penalty:

As some of you have suggested, we will be introducing a death penalty. When a character is defeated in battle, they will now gain a cooldown relative to your character's rarity. The cooldown will be the same as the free heal cooldown. After this cooldown, your character will have 0 HP and will need to be healed to continue hunting.

Rabbit Stew:

The long-awaited Rabbit Stew will be introduced as a craft-able item in the game. Characters can consume the stew to remove all cooldowns and fully heal.

The crafting cost will be as follows: 2 RBTMEAT 2 BONE 10 SLIME 300gp

In addition, we will be implementing the Rabbit Stew as an NFT instead of a token like HPPOT. We want to make it more accessible and easily traded on marketplaces like AtomicHub. It also makes it more fun to collect and trade!

Template here:

Final Notes

Thank you for all of your support and feedback! We are working hard to make sure BlockchainRPG grows alongside our community.

To show our appreciation, we will randomly give Rabbit Stew NFTs in the ⁠Discord so be sure to check in!