Just a group of passionate enthusiasts who are looking to create the best play-to-earn game on the blockchain

The BlockchainRPG Team



Co-Founder, Game Master, Lead Developer
As one of the founders for BlockchainRPG, Tommy has always had a serious interest in creating videogames. From his humble beginnings in creating off-chain flash games for social media platforms. he grew to understand the power of crypto and the blockchain and wanted to move his talents to this space. Outside of the game, Tommy is a devoted family man and socialite, attending events and making a presence wherever he goes.


Co-Founder, Game Master, Team Leader
In the beginning there was nothing, then a big bang. In this instance all matter and energy was created and distributed amongst the infant universe. That's all this man wrote so I'll add a bit more. Coming from a humble background, CouldntDeal had a hunger for knowledge that carried him to where he is now. Self-taught, he is the lead UI and UX developer. Other responsibilities include overall game management, talent sourcing, and player base moderation. He is a loving father of two and works effortlessly to provide them with the resources he himself wish he had growing up.

The Team Members


Arch Digital Wizard
Neoslayer has been with the BlockchainRPG team since its early inception dating back to July 2021. He is primarily responsible for generating ideas for the game and finding unique and fitting solutions for the various situations that the team encounters. Secondary duties include website management, playerbase servicing, and data-crunching. Outside of the cryptoverse, he’s a self-proclaimed Masterchef, gym rat, and complete weeb.

Dr. Charles

Tech, Data, and SEO Internal Consultant
Dr. Charles is like the swiss army knife of the team, with expert analysis and capabilities in almost every field. As a veteran in the crypto space, he is able to provide guidance to the team on how to move forward and expand the game. Sorry ladies, he's 100% taken by a wife AND a dog.


Wizard Apprentice Developer
Jimi is the younger but also exceptionally talented and gifted brother of co-founder Tommy. He's been part of the development team for BlockchainRPG since January 2022. In his free time, he likes to binge-watch tv series, play video games, and read Webtoons.

Juan Marcos

Creator of Color
Juan is a passionate digital artist who specializes in bringing to life all of the team's crazy and unique brainstorms. Having been a member since early fall of 2021, he has been responsible for nearly all of the tokens, NFTs, and other art that is present in BlockchainRPG.


Wizard Apprentice Developer
Not much is known about Fef, except that through his noteworthy resume and skillset, he has earned his place along the BlockchainRPG team. Legend says he can complete over 9001 tasks in a single week, and not even break a sweat.