Announcing our FIRST ever Sticker Drop!

Hello Adventurers! We are now announcing our first ever sticker capsule drop!

This drop will be an exclusive drop limited to only 1000 capsules (packs) minted! Each capsule will cost UNSTAKED 0.00500000 GOLD. Please make sure to unstake enough GOLD prior to this drop! (Unstaking from game takes 24 hours)

Max Supply: 1000
Drop Date: July 10th 00:00 UTC (July 9th 8:00 PM EST)
Price: 0.00500000 GOLD

Drop Link:

Each pack will contain a sticker of random rarity featuring characters from our Starter Pack!

Each capsule may be unpacked via Neftyblocks or AtomicHub.

For more information about the pack, please visit this link:

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