BlockchainRPG Patch Notes

Documentation Revamp!

Hello Adventurers! We are excited to announce a revamp of our documentation. 🙂

Our documentation before was severely lacking and spread over multiple different pages of the website. We have since switched to using gitbook to host our documentation so that players have all the information they need in a single repository. We have transferred the existing articles from our Knowledge Base and created new guides and documentation for the gitbook. We have also updated our Website to reflect these changes. This is all a part of our efforts to give players more information about the game and provide as many resources as necessary to avoid confusion and encourage fun gameplay!

Players can now read through our new documentation here: BlockchainRPG Whitepaper

We are always looking for ways to improve so please let us know if there is anything unclear or lacking in our documentation and we will try our best to update it.

As always, if you have any issues/questions/concerns, please reach out to us on Discord with your feedback!

Happy Hunting!

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