What is Play & Earn?

What is play and earn?

I recently heard about Play and Earn during a podcast I was a part of. During that podcast, we discussed many topics which are where Play&Earn initially came up. The phrase “Play&Earn” struck a chord with me. Play & Earn is something I’ve been trying to do since the conception of the game “BlockchainRPG”, but I just didn’t have a name for it yet. 

The main point of making BlockchainRPG was to incorporate real-world monetary value into a classic RPG. Did I ever think this would pay bills or make me rich by playing? Simply, no. The actual thought I had was to imagine playing a classic RPG and making a couple of bucks off of it. A way of making your money back from the purchase is by being good at it. By putting in the effort. Like most of us, we play games to enjoy the content and upcoming features. It’s why we get excited about updates, and patches. You enjoy the game, and you feel excited when finding increasingly rare items. But when finding a duplicate item, or you sell your unused items. What if it could be for at least a small monetary value? This is play & earn. 

Play To Earn Vs. Play & Earn

Many dapp gaming applications tend to advertise the “Play to earn” model because it is enticing. You are promised a profit by playing the game. Where the mechanics are strictly about money. Most of the projects that promise Play To Earn don’t ever come to fruition but instead have massive pre-sales and hype events. Then when they drop, the big promises fall short, usually. Some are very successful, and I encourage everyone to participate in all creative dapps. 

Here at BRPG, we are creating an RPG game. Currently, it is fundamental in nature whilst we develop a lot of the backend and architecture of the game. But our end goal would be a neat RPG you can play with your friends, explore dungeons, and fight bosses. We want an enjoyable game where there are real challenges and fun to be had while playing. At the same time, your unused or old items can be sold off on a real market. The focus is the game itself. 

Why I love gaming

My early years of gaming consisted of Ultima Online, Adventure Quest, Graal, Runescape, and Maplestory. In these games, I would amass wealth but could never do anything with it. Growing up, it was always said, “Man, wouldn’t it be cool if this was worth something?” There was “Gold Selling” or RMTing. This felt wrong. I didn’t want to be a part of it. 

We can now welcome a new gaming age where real markets and RMT can be accepted within the gaming realm through blockchain technology. We have an open door to play the old-school types of games, with the market now. So yes, hard work and dedication to a game can pay off, and it should pay off. Although, it should not be considered a means of income. BlockchainRPG is a game and should be played as one. I’m a gamer, and amongst the team, we have veteran gamers of all walks of life. It is important to us that we make a great game, and with that a means to make some crypto along the way.

Thank you, everybody.

I am so excited to be able to read through everybody’s experiences, new finds, feedback, and suggestions. This drives me. Though, building a game from scratch is quite difficult. Now when you add the blockchain to it, it makes it exponentially harder. Many features that seem obvious and easy to add, more than likely slow down or are halted by the blockchain. We are very excited to figure out ways to implement features that have a symbiotic relationship with the blockchain. We will always be moving forward with the game, and trying new ideas and features. At the end of the day, the game itself is our project. We want to develop it with the community in mind, and grow it with the community. 

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