BlockchainRPG Patch Notes

v3.15.2-beta Patch Notes – Crafting Changes, Chat System, etc.

We have implemented some exciting new changes in the latest v3.15.2-beta Patch of the game.

Crafting Changes

Crafting will now use STAKED resources to craft. This change has reduced the staking logic and code complexity by about 50%. This also means that there will be less transactions when crafting and in turn will use less CPU for players.

You are also able to type in the amount to craft which means you are able to now craft multiple items at a time which will also reduce the CPU required.

Chat System

We recognize that not everyone uses the same communication channels (discord, twitter, etc.) as we do and we would like to bridge this gap a little with this new feature. Social elements are very important for games, apps, and communities so we hope that with this feature, players can help each other in game as well as build a better community. 🙂
There is still a lot to improve on with this system but please let us know your feedback!

This had been in the works for the past few weeks but Unity WebGL has issues with input fields especially on mobile so we had disabled it until we could achieve a more stable solution. This version seems to work for most users but please do let me know if you experience any issues!

Staked Inventory

Your staked inventory will now be your primary inventory for the game. This means that your GOLD balance will reflect the GOLD in your STAKED inventory. Crafting will also use your staked tokens. This change is also important as a setup step for new features such as staking rewards, upgrade system, etc.
Note: There are no staking rewards as of yet. It is still in progress!

General Bugfixes and improvements

Better error messages, Code Cleanup, etc.

Closing Remarks

If you have any issues, please reach out to us on discord and we will do our best to help!
We really appreciate your feedback, suggestions and bug reports as it helps us build a better game for our wonderful community. 🙂
Stay safe and Happy Hunting!

The BlockchainRPG team <3

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