The Time is Nigh… Community Poll

Hello Adventurers,

As we get ready for the next major milestone in the BlockchainRPG adventure history, we thought it might be fun to open up an opportunity for the early beta testers to make their imprint on the game. Soon, we will be transitioning to a new game model that will require a NFT character to access game functionality. Our team thought this transition period would be a great time to allow the community to participate in the naming of three of the new character NFTs. 

New Character Pack
The new NFT character pack will consist of one (1) NFT character. Each pack will give a random chance at pulling one of the 5 new characters and varying levels of rarity! In the new character pack, there is a diverse cast of heroes to assist with your adventurers in the BlockchainRPG realm.

Interested to see what will be available in the new pack?

Want to make your mark on BlockchainRPG history by helping vote on the new character names?


The community Poll will be open from 3/27 10am EST – 4/3 10 am EST!

Follow the Poll link below to cast your vote.


If you like one of the names listed, simply select it and move on to the next one. You can also select the “other” option and type in your own suggestion!


Notes about Milo Character NFTs:

All Milo (and Milo variations) will still be useable in BlockchainRPG. Milo will become the rare limited-edition card so make sure you keep your Milo close and on active hunts.


Voting is limited to 1 vote per player. Please do not attempt to cast more than a thing vote.


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