v3.13.5-beta Patch Notes – New Chest Feature, Improved Drop Rates, Free Heal Changes + more!

Hi everyone, in our latest update (v3.13.5-beta), we have introduced a number of changes including a New Chest Feature, Improved Drop Rates, Free Heal Changes + more!

New Chest Feature

Players will now be able to purchase a “basic.chest” from the Market using GOLD to instantly receive a random drop. Drop chances can be found using the “Show Info” button.
Opening a Chest will not reward a “Chest NFT”. It will only give you the reward.
We hope this will give a GOLD sink and allow more uses for GOLD. We may also add more chests in the future for special occasions.

Pack Opening Animation

We have added a new Pack opening animation. Now when you open a pack or a chest you should be greeted by this scene (or something similar):

Improved Drop Rates

We have updated our drop logic to now allow for better rates overall. Previously our drop logic was complex to allow for individual mobs to be able to drop specific items but we have since removed this to opt-in for a area based approach for more transparent drop rates.
We have also heard some feedback regarding how Equipment Essences are hard to come by and so we have also added them as a drop in both areas.
We may change and adjust these rates as we see fit in order to maintain a balanced game.

Recipes for Common and Uncommon Equipment Essences

We have also included 2 new recipes for Common Equipment Essence (CEE) and Uncommon Equipment Essence (UEE). you can now combine 5 CEE to make 1 UEE or break down 1 UEE to create 3 CEE. We hope this will help players be able to craft more and help in the future as we work on our new Upgrade system to replace blends.

Free Heal Changes

In regards to our efforts to require a Character card (any Milo or new characters coming soon), we will be reducing the number of free base heals from 5 to 2. Character Cards will still give additional heals, but the Free Heal number may be incorrect until you first heal with the new system. We have not implemented the Character requirement yet as we are finishing up some development efforts, but we want to phase out the free heals and allow for more uses of HPPOTs. Alongside this update, we have also reduced the Free Heal cooldown from 5 minutes to 1 minute. As well as changed the way Free heals are refreshed. Previously, each individual heal refreshed in 23 hours, but now we have changed this so that all heals will refresh at 00:00:00 UTC.

Removal of Hunt History + Improved Stability Fixes

We have fixed a number of issues, but one of the primary issues was that the Hunt history is very inefficient and was causing a lot of issues with the endpoints. We have removed this feature since you can also find the same information on We have also fixed a number of issues to improve stability but if you do have any issues, please post a message in the #help-support channel of our Discord and we will be happy to assist!


Thank you all for your continued support as we develop the game. We appreciate all your thoughts and feedback and want to do our best in order to develop a fun game. This is just a quick reminder that if you have any questions or concerns, to please check out our Knowledge Base as we post a lot of Frequently Asked Questions there. If you still need help, please message in the #help-support channel of our Discord since we are most responsive there. Thanks again and happy hunting!

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