GOLD Tokenomics Update

We have recently made some important GOLD tokenomics changes in regards to the amount of GOLD rewarded from a hunt.
Before this change, we were rewarding players a static amount of GOLD. This turned out to be quite detrimental to the price and stability of GOLD as the number of players increased. GOLD became way too inflationary.

To combat this, we implemented a new pooling system where each area would have a pool of GOLD that would grow by a static number per second and players would be rewarded a percentage of this pool when receiving a GOLD reward. After doing some research, we saw that we were giving out about ~0.02 GOLD daily. Going off of these numbers we decided that we would give each area 0.01 GOLD per day. That equates to about 12gp (0.00000012 GOLD) a second. (NOTE: These numbers are subject to change at our discretion)
This means that we are not reducing the amount of GOLD given. Instead, we are redistributing it in a better way. As players hunt more or less in an area the GOLD reward would reflect accordingly. This encourages players to hunt in lesser hunted areas as the rewards would be greater than an overhunted area.

NOTE: This change only affects GOLD tokenomics. Other tokens are dropping normally.

We understand that some of you may be frustrated since your GOLD rewards may be decreased but this is for the betterment of the game’s future. Thank you for understanding and happy hunting!

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