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Remaining Pack Drops and Holiday Event Updates

I hope you all had a wonderful break this past holiday! 🙂

We are happy to announce our Final Holiday Pack drop. We will be releasing the last 1500 packs on Thursday 8AM EST / 13:00 UTC.

This will be your last chance to snag the EXCLUSIVE Festive Milo Character Card.

Opening a Holiday Pack will give you a Festive Milo of random rarity as well as 4 Gift Boxes.

Currently, Character Cards will raise your Free Heal Limit depending on the rarity. Common will give +1 additional Free Heal, Uncommon +2, … Legendary +5

Note: Character Cards do not give additional stats. The stats displayed are you Character’s base stats.

We are also working on implementing a lot of awesome new features for Phase 2 of the roadmap and will finalize announce these updates very soon. Some of these features will require a Character Card as well :slight_smile:

Thank you again for helping us beta test this BlockchainRPG. We hear your concerns and feedback and will be making a lot of new changes to make the game feel more rewarding, balanced, and fun.

You can buy the remaining packs here:

Some of the proceeds from the Sales will be used to buy back tokens and provide Liquidity to the Alcor Swaps.

Thank you again for supporting our project! We are super excited for all the upcoming updates in 2022!

Hope you all have a fun and safe New Years!

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