v3.9.0-beta – Equipping Milo now gives additional Free Heals

Hello Everyone!

I am excited to announce a new feature to give some utility to the Milo Character Cards. Previously Character cards were purely cosmetic and only displayed the base stats, but equipping a Character card will now give you additional Free Heals to your daily limit based on rarity.

Common gives +1 Free heals , Uncommon +2, Rare +3, Epic +4, Legendary +5
For example equipping a Common Milo will raise your free heal limit to 6, uncommon 7, etc.

Besides that, we are also moving where items will be staked. Previously they were staked to unapologetic, now they will be staked to a new contract “stake.brpg”. We hope this will clear up some confusion about what NFTs the unapologetic contract actually owns.

Thank you all for you continued support! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break 🙂

v3.9.0-beta Changelog:

  • Equipping a Character Card will now give bonus free heals based on rarity. Common gives +1 Free heals, Uncommon +2, Rare +3, Epic +4, Legendary +5
  • Changed staking contract to stake.brpg instead of unapologetic. nothing to do on the user end, this happens automatically.
  • Some stability enhancements
  • Better error messages

v3.8.2-beta changelog:

  • Inventory Revamp
  • Clicking on an item will now show the card image
  • Mint numbers will now show in game
  • Gift Box will now also show what is inside

v3.8.1-beta changelog:

  • Release of the Holiday Event
  • Open Gift boxes in game
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