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New Holiday Event 2021

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone has been enjoying our game as much as we have creating and developing it. As we approach the holiday season, the BlockchainRPG team and I would like to formally announce our very first IN-GAME EVENT and Winter Holiday 2021 Edition Pack Drop featuring our latest character card – Festive Milo!

Our first in-game event will run from December 21, 2021 to January 15, 2022, during which time adventurers will have the opportunity to hunt for EXCLUSIVE Holiday-themed drops!

Adventurers may find a Gift Box that can be opened similar to a pack to reveal a variety of resources including crafting materials, GOLD, Health Potions, as well as EXCLUSIVE equipment drops which are a common green Holiday Top Hat, an uncommon black Holiday Top Hat, and a Rare Jolly Jabber!

Additionally, our not-so-friendly Treant from the forest hunting ground has decided to be a little more festive for the event and will be reskinned for the duration. They have a higher drop rate for the Gift Boxes, so good luck finding them! All other mobs from both Swamplands and Forest will also have a chance at dropping the Gift Boxes.

More information here: New Holiday Event 2021

As a reminder, these sales directly support the development of the game and helps us to foster this an amazing community. While our packs have traditionally only pulled cosmetic items, we wanted to add a little extra bonus this time around to help boost the holiday spirit.

Thank you again for playing and giving us feedback while we are still in Beta. You all have been such an amazingly supportive community and we couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

We are quickly wrapping up Phase 1 of our Roadmap and will shortly begin development on Phase 2 items. The community is always at the top of our priority list and we hope that this event is going to be amazing for all participants.

Happy hunting!

Your fav dev,

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