Free Heal Limit

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Hey @everyone

We have made a new change to limit the number of free heals you can use per day.
We realize this may upset many of you but this is a very needed step in order to progress the game. You are now able to heal 5 times a day with a 24 hour refresh. (Each heal will be refreshed in 24 hours).

We are so excited that so many people are interested and playing the game but since the influx of players has been unprecedented, we have had some problems with our API being rate limited due to the huge number of transactions going through the contract as well as abusers such as bot accounts taking advantage of the Free to Play system.

The Free Heal system was never intended to be so heavily relied upon. We wanted crafting, potions and gear to be the primary focus of the game with the free heal as a backup for players to heal if they ran out of GOLD to craft the potions. We eventually want to phase out the Free Heal in lieu of a better system that contributes more to the economy.

We have noticed that many bot accounts are playing nonstop for 24/7, have no gear equipped and are abusing the Free Heal system.
We hope that this change will limit these bots, reduce the rate limiting errors and allow HPPOTs to be more useful. We realize that this will not completely stop bots but it will indeed limit them so that they must risk more or do more work in order to cheat the system.

We are very much a small team and do not have the resources to come up with super advanced antibotting system yet. The more time we spend on catching these bots, the less time we have to actually create new features to the game.

We are also still in Beta which means that we will be pushing many changes and though you may disagree with some of these changes, we want your feedback to be constructive so that we can improve. Any offensive or disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. #rules

With that being said, we want to thank you again for your patience and understanding.
We hear you as a community and will be reducing the price to craft health potions. The update will be in the 3.5.1-beta version.

Happy Hunting!

The BlockchainRPG Team

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